Is a significant decision in any man’s/ couple’s reproductive life.

Is an easy, safe and relatively cheap method of ensuring a permanent way to prevent pregnancy rather than using birth control methods.

Is a same day, one hour office procedure that requires 36 hours bedrest (to avoid unnecessary swelling and discomfort of the scrotum) and patients are up and back to their usual daily activities and usually able perform heavy lifting work within a week.

Preoperative oral medication provided, will relax you and your scrotum. Essentially painless procedure after a local numbing anesthetic applied.

Dr. Diamond has been providing vasectomy services for over 20 years to hundreds of patients without complication, vasectomy failure, or patient complaint.

Our dedicated team will schedule your procedure at your convenience.

The $950 fee is the most competitive price in Rapid City and includes preoperative counseling, examination, the procedure, and a LabCorp follow-up test to prove sterility.

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