Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still taking new patients?

Yes - we welcome new patients, however, we are currently accepting new Medicare patients only on referral from our patients’ friends and family.

Do you accept my Insurance?

We accept all major medical insurances except adult Medicaid. It is your responsibility to ensure - with our help if needed - that we are in Network for Discount, PPO or HMO plans before service.
We have increased our cash discount 20% for self pay patients given the state of our economy and the high cost of health insurance.
We will set up monthly installment plans for patients who cannot pay their balances.

What are your office hours?

Office: 7 AM - 6 PM Monday - Thursday
Occasional Friday appointments 8 AM - 12 PM as medically necessary and the doctor is available
Dr Diamond is on call 24/7 by cell at (605) 484-6515

Who do I call after hours or on weekends?

If symptoms are an emergency - seek help at the nearest emergency room.
Unsure? Call Dr. Diamond (716-6656) to briefly discuss the problem if urgent.
On weekends, if the condition requires immediate attention, we may recommend a local urgent care center.
We plan for and schedule same day appointments M-Th.

I need my records transferred to you.

We can obtain your old medical records from your previous medical office with your signature on a release of information form at your next visit. Please ask Linette or Jennifer to do this for you.

Would you remind me of my appointments?

We make appointment reminders the day before all scheduled appointments and on Thursday for Monday appointments. Voice messages will be left if needed.
We do charge $50 dollars for the first missed appointment if not cancelled, or rescheduled before the appointment time. We cannot meet our patients appointment needs or afford to have multiple unused, but filled appointment times each day.

Who does your Lab and X-ray ?

LabCorp draws blood tests every morning in our clinic M-TH from 8 - 8:30 for your convenience. Alternatively we can refer you to their facility from 7 AM to 5 PM. On request we can order your tests from any other area lab (RCRH) or clinic (Aspen center).
We refer patients to Dakota Radiology for imaging services and radiologist interpretation unless you are a hospital (NGS) insured patient.
We do not charge or bill for these lab or x-ray services. We do not get any kick backs from these providers – both of which tend to be less expensive than hospital services.

Will I see the Doctor or the Nurse Practitioner?

You can request to see either Dr Diamond or Cindy Stocks, DNP for your visit.
To allow Dr. Diamond appointment time with sicker or more complicated visits, he asks that every other routine followup appointment be scheduled with Cindy for refills, labs, minor problems and Wellness follow up.
Cindy readily confers with Dr Diamond during your appointment - as needed - for complicated or symptoms that are not improving. They discuss patients daily as needed.

When and how would a medical student be involved in my visit?

Most of our patients have seen a third or fourth year USD medical student at one time or another. Patient responses have always been positive and they enjoy student enthusiasm, thoroughness and learn a lot from the exchange between student and Dr. Diamond at the appointment time.
We will have three students - one half day each week - for the year. The goal is for them to see a core of the same patients throughout this next year. Patients are afforded the opportunity to meet tomorrow's Rapid City doctors while they are still students today.
You are welcome to opt out of a student participating in your visit. Our students are always professional, discreet and your appointment is always confidential with them as it is with Dr. Diamond.

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